Obedience, puppy socialisation and Ringcraft training for all dogs.


Please allow 10 minutes before your class starts to sign in, settle your dog and yourself - If you feel flustered so will your dog.

Please do not walk on the green mat as this is for training only, please take a seat around the mats whilst classes are being taken and we would ask you to be as quiet as possible.


Not before class.  Your dog will feel more comfortable and pay more attention to you with an empty tummy.

What do I bring?

Your dog, collar and lead, toy (not squeaky) and titbits.

What do I wear?

Flat shoes, comfortable clothes with pockets for your titbits.

Where do I go?

Evening, start time, 6.45 am onwards.  Location Elstead Village Hall, Elstead, Surrey - please arrive 10 minutes early to allow for signing in.

What will I learn?

Kind, fair and reward-based methods to help with all aspects of dog ownership.  Grooming and handling for the vet as well as to sit, down, staying, walking on a loose lead, coming when called and mixing happily with humans and dogs.

The relaxed and friendly atmosphere leads to success and the "Inderbrook Dog Training Society" Certificates.  The later classes are for those with basic control and who are ready to tackle more creative training.

There is also the opportuinity to take the Kennel Club Bronze, Silver and Gold, Good Citizens Tests.

Bitch in season

Please leave her at home, but come yourself, that way you will learn the handling for the week and you will be able to train her at home.