Obedience, puppy socialisation and Ringcraft training for all dogs.

Ringcraft training

Monday nights training starts at 7:30 and is open to all society members.  Help will be given with puppy socialisation and how to train your dog to look its best in the show ring.

Experienced handlers and show judges are always on hand to encourage and assist you.

Free refreshments are provided along with a friendly atmosphere to train and socialise in.

Breeds currently training on Monday nights include:


Flatcoat Retriever : Pembroke Corgi : Red Setter  Cocker Spaniel : Irish Wolfhound : Great Dane

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier : Golden Retriever : Spanish Water Dog : Hungarian Visla : Beagle

Finnish Laphund : Portuguese Pointer

English Springer Spaniel : Gordon Setter

Norfolk Terrier : Swedish Vallhund

Rhodesian Ridgeback : Smooth Fox Terrier